Rui feng International Trade
(Tianjin) Co., Ltd.


Ruifeng International Trading Company has officially become the general agent of ORGANIQUE By Olinda Spring in China

With the development of economy, China has successfully entered the ranks of cosmetics consuming countries. At present, the level of consumption has surpassed the European Union and Japan, and is second only to the United States, becoming the second largest cosmetics consuming country in the world. Faced with such a broad "Yan Value Economy", on the one hand, the local brand is expanding rapidly. On the other hand, many foreign brands are gradually stationed, and more foreign cosmetics brands quickly enter the Chinese market, providing more choices for domestic consumers.

Enter China! Organique, an international skin care brand, is eager to try
ORGANIQUE By Olinda Spring comes from Australia, one of the last zero-pollution resorts on Earth. Adhere to the concept of "natural skin care", and in a short period of time in foreign countries set off a wave of rush to buy. Relying on the elite R&D team with more than 30 years of skin care experience and Australia's diversified primitive natural environment, Austria Organique integrates the strong adaptability of plants into products. With natural and safe skin care products, it brings ideal pure living water and unique plant essence for skin care. It is dedicated to protecting sensitive skin of Asian women and resisting Global climate change. The harm brought by it once became the darling of many stars and accomplished people in the entertainment circle. For China's vast market, the brand is eager to try, ready for development.

Ruifeng International Trade (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. won the first place
Facing the new and unknown Chinese market, Organique needs the support of professional and powerful brand agent team. It can be said that the choice of agent team directly affects the brand's reputation and sales in China. Ruifeng International Trade (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. won the first place with its strong team and rich experience.
Ruifeng International Trade (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. mainly deals in professional imported cosmetics, daily chemicals and cosmetics products. Its operation mode includes cross-border e-commerce platform, cross-border distribution, general trade e-commerce platform, general trade distribution, etc. Ruifeng International will strive to select international high-quality cosmetics and cosmetics brands, provide domestic consumers with high-quality products, promote the healthy development of its overseas brands in the Chinese market, and enhance brand awareness. Ruifeng International Trade (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. is based on the operators and distributors with product advantages, brand advantages, competitive advantages and strong radiation, and is committed to building a professional import cosmetics sales base in China.

Since the beginning of 2019, Ruifeng International Trade (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. has formally become the general agent of ORGANIQUE By Olinda Spring in China. Austria and Ruifeng are strong international trade partners, relying on their product advantages, brand advantages, and strong operators and distributors system, we believe that they will quickly open the domestic market, bring more new products of Austria Organique to Chinese consumers, and improve the after-sales service of Organique. It will also standardize the market for distributors in China and promote brand promotion. Let more consumers know and like the Organique brand.